Strategies for Asia Pacific

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First published in 1995, Strategies for Asia Pacific has established itself as the leading book on strategic analysis related to firms, markets, business cultures and logic in the Asia Pacific region. Recommended by The Economist as one of the five books on Asia that need to be read, this fully revised and updated edition will be essential reading for managers in Asia and companies doing business in Asia as well as students studying Asian business strategies. This new edition includes extended coverage of China and India and highlights the central role that East Asia is now playing in the world economy.


The Strategic Importance of Asia Pacific Formulating Strategies for Asia Pacific Asia as a Market The Players Asian Business Logic Competing Joining Forces: Alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions People and Organization The Future of the Asia Pacific Region


Philippe Lasserre and Hellmut Schutte


Reviews of the previous edition:

'...this is an excellent one-volume survey of the commerce and business practices in the Far East.' - The European
'This is an important and thought-provoking book...this book deserves a wide-ranging, senior audience.' - Euro-Japanese
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