Introduction to ANSI C for Engineers and Scientists

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Januar 1996



Designed as a brief introduction to C, this book: Leads students into programming through analysis of and practice with simple C programs. Advances to more difficult topics, such as programmer-defined functions, one-dimensional arrays, and character data.


1. An Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving. Grand challenges. Computing systems. An engineering problem-solving methodology. 2. Simple C Programs. Program structure. Constants and variables. Assignment statements. Standard input and output. Mathematical functions. Problem solving applied: velocity computation. 3. Control Structures and Data Files. Algorithm development. Conditional expressions. Selection statements. Loop structures. Problem solving applied: Weather balloons. Data files. 4. Modular Programming with Functions. Modularity. Programmer-defined functions. 5. One-Dimensional Arrays. Array definitions and computations. Arrays as function arguments. 6. Character Data. Character information. Character initialization and computations. Character functions. Appendix A: ASCII Character Codes. Complete Solutions to Practice! Problems Index.
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