Reclaiming Our Schools: Teaching Character, Academics, and Discipline

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August 1996



With its hands-on focus now even more strongly emphasized, the new edition of this clearly-written, thoughtful book does and even better job of providing readers with what they need to support a program of moral education at either the elementary or secondary level. Coverage outlines the philosophical arguments for establishing classrooms and schools as sources of moral instruction, as well as exploring pertinent theories of how to accomplish this goal. The unique presentation of "Reclaiming Our Schools: Teaching Character, Academics, and Discipline" combines a comprehensive overview of theory with a complete hands-on guide to classroom techniques and schoolwide policies, thus supplying both the background and the tools needed to transform schools into sources of moral instruction. A thorough list of 100 suggestions for applying the principles within the book gives parents, teachers, and administrators a solid repertoire of ideas for use in each classroom and throughout the school. In addition, a 100-item evaluation checklist serves as a framework upon which a working character-development program may be constructed. Updated exercises within each chapter engage the reader in contemporary situations that are both plausible and realistic. Sex and character is now examined in a separate chapter. "Reclaiming Our Schools: Teaching Character, Academics, and Discipline" is a valuable tool for any parent, teacher, administrator, school board member, or politician who wishes to learn what it takes to establish classrooms and schools as sources of moral instruction.


School Assessment Checklist. 1. Educators and Teaching Values. 2. The Multiple Goals of Education. 3. How to Teach Character and Academics. 4. Teaching Discipline. 5. The Moral Nature of the Classroom. 6. Teachers as Moral Educators. 7. Curriculum as a Moral Educator. 8. Fostering Community in Schools and Classrooms. 9. Leadership in Moral Schools. 10. Using Ceremonies in Moral Schools. 11. Sex and Character. 12. For-Character Schools in Operation. 13. A Final Word. Appendix: 100 Ways Educators Can Help Students Acquire Good Character. Index.
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