Ethernet Tips and Techniques

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Ethernet is one of the hottest LAN communication protocols, but most Ethernet books are dry, theoretical, and academic in style. This book breaks the trend by giving Ethernet engineers and LAN administrators a truly real-world, ready-reference handbook that's especially helpful in designing, tuning and troubleshooting Ethernet networks.


Preface. 1. An Introduction to Local Area Networking. Local Area Networks. Brief History. LAN/WAN. ISO/OSI. Chapter Summary. Vocabulary. Chapter 1 Review Questions. 2. Introduction to Ethernet. Introduction. A Brief History. What Is Ethernet? Why Ethernet? Why Not Ethernet? Chapter Summary. Chapter 2 Review Questions. 3. Ethernet Versions. Ethernet Version 1. Common Ground. Ethernet Version 2. IEEE 802.3 Standard. Chapter Summary. Major Concepts. Vocabulary. Chapter 3 Review Questions. 4. 10Mbps Ethernet. Introduction. Data Link Layer. Chapter Summary. Vocabulary. Chapter 4 Review Questions. 5. Fast Ethernet. Introduction. Modifications to the 802.3 Standard. Clause 21-100BASE-T Introduction. Clause 22-Media Independent Interface (MII). Clause 23-100BASE-T4 Transceiver. Clause 24-100BASE-X Transceiver. Clause 25-TX PMD. Clause 26-FX PMD. Clause 27-Repeaters. Clause 28-Auto-Negotiation. Clause 29-Topology. Clause 30-Management. Summary. Vocabulary. Chapter 5 Review Questions. 6. 100BASE-T2, T4, and TX. Introduction. 100BASE-T Media. 100BASE-T2. 100BASE-T2 Pin Assignments. 100BASE-T2 Crossover. 100BASE-T4. 100BASE-T4 Pin Assignments. 100BASE-T4 Crossover. 100BASE-TX. 100BASE-TX Pin Assignments. 100BASE-TX Crossover. Chapter 6 Review Questions. 7. 100BASE-FX. Introduction. 100BASE-FX. 8. Media. Introduction. AUI. Thick Coax (10BASE5). Fiber Optic (10BASE-F, 100BASE-FX). Thin Coax (10BASE2). Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP). Chapter Summary. Chapter 8 Review Questions. 9. Hardware. Introduction. Transceivers. Repeaters. Bridges. Switches. Routers. Network Interface Card (NIC). Review Questions. 10. Design. Introduction. Three Basic Rules. Rules. Design Step One. Design Step Two. Design Step Three. Design Step Four. Design Step Five. Design Step Six. Design Step Seven. Design Step Eight. The Final Step. Chapter Summary. Case Study. Review Questions. 11. Installation. Introduction. The Decision to Contract. Selecting a Contractor. The First Step. What to Watch For. Documentation. Getting Ready. Starting the Installation. Case Study. Chapter 11 Review Questions. 12. Maintenance. Introduction. Connectivity Maintenance. Equipment Maintenance. Network Management. Case Study. Chapter Summary. Chapter 12 Review Questions. 13. The Future of Ethernet. Introduction. Strategy for Survival. Gigabit Ethernet Technology. Gigabit Migration. Conclusion. Chapter Summary. Appendix A:Collision Domain Basics. Appendix B:EIA/TIA Cable Categories. Common Specifications. Category 3. Category 4. Category 5. Appendix C:Twisted-Pair Wiring Diagrams. 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-T2 Pin Assignments. 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 100BASE-T2 Crossover. 100BASE-T4 Pin Assignments. 100BASE-T4 Crossover. Appendix D:Abbreviations and Acronyms. Appendix E:Other Sources of Information. Glossary. Index.


BYRON SPINNEY works for Hewlett Packard's Colorado Springs corporate site as a network engineer.
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