Cross-GUI Handbook: For Multiplatform User Interface Design

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Dezember 1994



Interactive software applications must often operate on multiple computer platforms. These platforms today generally feature graphical user interfaces (GUIs)-interfaces that are similar in purpose on each platform, but that differ, sometimes obviously, occasionally subtly, in their details. The software developer must be aware of these similarities and differences to ensure the consistency of any given application from one platform to another.
This handook is the first comprehensive source for comparative information about the principal GUIs currently available. With detailed comparison of the features, capabilities, and strengths of these GUIs, the book is a practical reference for user interface design. In clearly presenting the terminology, appearance, interaction and common behavior of each GUI, it condenses into a single convenient volume the details you need for your applications to operate with a consistent look and feel across multiple platforms. Other features include design guidelines for portability and migration, and recommendations for handling conflicting or incomplete style guides. The book also sets the foundation for designing an object-oriented user interface, incorporating new technologies such as multimedia and pen interface.



Design Principles.
Human Factors.Presentation.Interaction.Conclusion.
Desktop and Its Environment.Desktop Metaphor.DesktopObjects.Desktop Managers.Comparison of Desktop Environments.Icon Design.Desktop Trends.Conclusion.
Elements of a Window.Window Controls.Types of Windows.Window Hierarchy.Window Status.Window Behavior.Window Arrangment.Conclusion.
Menu Presentation.Components of a Menu.Types of Menus.Types of Menu Items.Desktop Menus.Application Menus.Object Menus.Conclusion.
Check Box (Check Button).Close Control.Combination Box (Combo Box).Command Button (Push Button).Container.Drop-Down Combination Box.Drop-Down List Box.List Box (Selection List or Scrolling List).Maximize Button.Minimize Button.Multimedia Controls.Notebook.Radio Button (Option Button).Restore Button.Scroll Bar.Size Control.Slider.Spin Box.Split Box.Text Box (Text Field).Toolbar.Value Set.
Dialog Boxes.
Elements of a Dialog Box.Dialog Box Controls.Dialog Box Behaviors.Common Dialog Boxes.General Design Tips.Dialog Box Trends.Conclusion.
Interaction and Feedback.
Interaction Model.Interaction Devices and Their Operations.Object-Action Model.Object Types and Classes.Manipulation Principles.Selection.Drag and Drop.Activation.Navigation (Transversal).Data Transfer.Providing Feedback.System Modes.Conclusion.
Appendix A: Windowing System Component Terminology.
Appendix B: Windowing System Component Graphical Representation. 0201575922t04062001


About Aaron MarcusAaron Marcus is an internationally recognized authority on the design of user interfaces, interactive multimedia, and printing/publishing documents, including charts, forms, icons, and screens. He co-authored Human Factors and Typography for More Readable Programs (1990) and Graphic Design for Electronic Documents and User Interfaces (1992), both published by Addison-Wesley as ACM Press Books. Marcus received a BA in physics from Princeton University (1965) and a BFA and MFA in graphic design from Yale University Art School (1966).About Nick Smilonich Nick Smilonich is a chief application services architect and technologist at Unisys Corporation. He is responsible for service definitions, new technology, assessment, and standardized product architectures. He has authored papers and presented at technical forums such as FedUnix/Motif Developer conference. His current research interests include multimedia data types as graphical presentation objects. About Lynne Thompson Lynne Thompson is a senior technical staff engineer at Unisys Corporation. She has designed and developed user interface products, and has been involved in various strategic development areas such as 4GL/CASE, computer architecture, multimedia, programming languages, and user interfaces. She has presented her work at industry user interface conferences such as FedUNIX/Motif Developers' Seminar. Her current research interests include user interface icon design and effective design and presentation of time-dependent multimedia information.
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