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April 1971



Chushingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers), also known as the story of the Forty-Six (or Forty-Seven) Ronin, is the most famous and perennially popular of all Japanese dramas. Written around 1748 as a puppet play, it is now better known through Kabuki theater performances.
Donald Keene's translation of the original text is presented here with a new preface and an introduction and notes to aid readers in their comprehension and enjoyment of the play.


Foreword, by Wm. Theodore de BaryPreface to the Second Paperback EditionPrefaceIntroductionChushingura (The Treasury of Loyal Retainers)Works Consulted



Through his graceful, resourceful translations and his elegant, exhaustive scholarly books, [Keene] is almost single-handedly responsible for the current popularity of Japanese literature in English-speaking countries. The New Yorker
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Untertitel: The Treasury of Loyal Retainers. 'Translations from the Asian Classics'. notes. Sprache: Englisch.
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