Modernity and Mass Culture

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"The twelve essays in Modernity and Mass Culture provide a broad andcaptivating overview of what has come to be known as culture studies." -- TexasJournal
This is a wide-ranging analysis of the relationship amongindustrialization, democracy, and art in the 20th century. U.S. and British scholarsdiscuss the interaction of "high," "popular," and "mass" art, showing how Westernculture as a whole is affected by the transition from the modern to the postmodernera.


Acknowledgments Introduction: Six Artistic Cultures James Naremore and Patrick Brantlinger 1. History and Literary History: The Case of Mass Culture Richard Ohmann 2. Cinema/Americanism/the Robot 3. On Kiri Te Kanawa, Judy Garland, and the Culture Industry Geoffrey Nowell-Smith 4. Hollywood in the Home: TV and the End of the Studio System Christopher Anderson 5. Popular Discrimination John Fiske 6. Digressions at the Cinema: Commodification and Reception in Mass Culture Barbara Klinger 7. BaudrillardOs America (and Ours?): Image, Virus, Catastrophe Stephen Watt 8. Undoing Feminism in Anne RiceOs Vampire Chronicles Devon Hodges and Janice L. Doane 9. Tube Tied: Reproductive Politics and Moonlighting Lynne Joyrich 10. Appropriating Like Krazy: From Pop Art to Meta0Pop Jim Collins 11. The Avant-Garde Finds Andy Hardy Robert B. Ray 12. The End of Mass Culture Michael Denning Contributors Index
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