Women in Mathematics: The Addition of Difference

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Oktober 1997



The role of gender in making and shaping mathematicians.


Claudia Henrion is Visiting Professor of Mathematics, Education, and Women s Studies at Dartmouth College."


'Mathematicians do their best work in their youth'; 'mathematicians work in complete isolation'; 'mathematics and politics don't mix.'These and other myths are discussed and debunked--in both theoretical and concrete terms--in the particular context of the role of women in mathematics. Henrion studies the nature of the participation of women in mathematical research and surrounding issues of gender and race by weaving her narrative around detailed profiles of nine respected women mathematicians (including two African American women). The individual biographies themselves make for enthralling, often inspiring, reading; combined with Henrion's careful, generally evenhanded, and tightly conceived commentary, this volume should be compelling reading for women mathematics students and professionals. A fine addition to the literature on women in science and, as it is written by a mathematical 'insider, ' it is all the more likely to receive attention by the mathematics community. Highly recommended. Undergraduates through faculty.--S. J. Colley, Oberlin College"Choice" (01/01/1998)
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