The Built, the Unbuilt, and the Unbuildable: In Pursuit of Architectural Meaning

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Mai 1993



Robert Harbison finds meaning in works of architecture that are unnecessary, having outlived their physical functions or never having been intended to have any.


Robert Harbison has lectured widely on architecture at the Museum of Modem Art in New York, the University of Toronto, Stanford University, Cornell University, and the Architectural Association, London. His previous books include Eccentric Spaces, Deliberate Regression, and Pharaoh's Dream.


"In this era of ubiquitous mass media, when today's catchword is tomorrow's cliche Robert Harbison has produced that rarity, a thoroughly personal and original book. The Built, the Unbuilt and the Unbuildable is a lucid, provocative meditation on architectural meaning, on 'some of the witting and unwitting means by which buildings evade functional necessities, or surpass them even while satisfying them.'" Nancy Levinson, Architectural Record "Robert Harbison's book is an extraordinary enterprise; there is nothing else quite like it. Boldly, he has collected all the images of architecture and landscape gardening, whether real or not, that have attracted and intrigued him over the years, seeing them as fascinating objects, expressions of the inner workings of the mind and psyche." Robin Middleton , Columbia University "An attractive and popular book for a range of people. architects, obviously, will appreciate its ingenious demonstrations, but many more will enjoy it because it wears its learning lightly and raises issues which go far beyond the architectural field." Stephen Bann , University of Kent at Canterbury
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