Differential Equations and Their Applications

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Dezember 1992



Used in undergraduate classrooms across the country, this book is a clearly written, rigorous introduction to differential equations and their applications. Fully understandable to students who have had one year of calculus, this book differentiates itself from other differential equations texts through its engaging application of the subject matter to interesting scenarios. This fourth edition incorporates earlier introductory material on bifurcation theory and adds a new chapter on Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems. Computer programs in C, Pascal, and Fortran are presented throughout the text to show the read how to apply differential equations towards quantitative problems.


Chapter 1 First-order differential equations *
Chapter 2 Second-order linear differential equations *
Chapter 3 Systems of differential equations *
Chapter 4 Qualitative theory of differential equations *
Chapter 5 Separation of variables and Fourier series *
Chapter 6 Sturm -Liouville boundary value problems *
Appendix A Some simple facts concerning functions of several variables *
Appendix B Sequences and series *
Appendix C C Programs * Answers to odd-numbered exercises * Index


Martin Braun is Professor of Differential Equations at Queen's College, The City University of New York, USA.
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