Introduction to Composite Products

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November 1996



This books sets out an approach to the design and development of composite products that will lead to the maximum likelihood of developing commercially successful products, generally in the face of a great deal of uncertainty in most areas of the development process. The book is practically orientated, covering those areas of composite technology most critical to product developments, rather than those of the most theoretical importance, therefore providing a basis for mutual understanding among the broad field of composite specialists. The author's experience provides a hands-on approach to the methodology of design with composites. All those interested in composites design and manufacture, including those practising in such diverse fields as resin formulation, reinforcement, manufacture, design processing and manufacturing engineering will find this book invaluable.


Preface. Introduction. Design of composite products. The
assessment loop. The outline design loop. The detailed design loop.
The validation loop. Fibres. Matrix Resins for engineers. Lamina (one
ply)/laminate (many plies) properties. Reinforcement forms. Core
materials. Ancillary materials. Fabrication processes. Non-destructive
testing. Environmental effects. Fatigue and stress rupture. Impact
effects. Adhesive bonding. Bolted joints. Statistics. Composite
markets and products. Costing. Plant layout. Quality. Troubleshooting.
Case study of product development. Hints and tips. Appendices. Index.
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