Bond Plays: 3: Bingo; The Fool; The Woman; Stone

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"Edward Bond is the most radical playwright to emerge from the sixties ... the most savagely powerful dramatist writing today ... Bond's plays cannot be ignored."-Independent

Bingo: "A magnificent play: spare, lean, poetic, yet rich in themes and ideas and full of suppressed agony and pain."-Guardian

The Fool: "Bond's carved prose must be the envy and the goal of half the playwrights in Britain."-Observer

The Woman: "A play as complex and ambitious as anything British drama has offered us for a decade ... a play with the riddling tenacity of a classic and the most inventive use of Homeric legend since Giradoux's Tiger at the Gates"-Guardian

Stone: "A vivid, assured, deceptively simple piece ... What gives Stone its force is the outraged humanity of its author, the dexterity of its language, and strength of its theatrical images. Bond is not afraid to explore the simple, and the result is a compulsive piece of theatre."-Evening Standard


Edward Bond is widely regarded as the UK's greatest and most influently playwright. His plays include The Pope's Wedding (Royal Court Theatre, 1962), Saved (Royal Court, 1965), Early Morning (Royal Court, 1968), Lear (Royal Court, 1971), The Sea (Royal Court, 1973), The Fool (Royal Court, 1975), The Woman (National Theatre, 1978), Restoration (Royal Court, 1981) and The War Plays (RSC at the Barbican Pit, 1985).
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