Unmaking Mimesis: Essays on Feminism and Theatre

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Juni 1997



In Unmaking Mimesis Elin Diamond interrogates the concept of mimesis in relation to feminism, theatre and performance. She combines psychoanalytic, semiotic and materialist strategies with readings of selected plays by writers as diverse as Ibsen, Brecht, Aphra Behn, Caryl Churchill and Peggy Shaw.
Through a series of provocative readings of theatre, theory and feminist performance she demonstrates the continuing force of feminism and mimesis in critical thinking today.
Unmaking Mimesis will interest theatre scholars and performance and cultural theorists, for all of whom issues of text, representation and embodiment are of compelling concern.


Part One Unmaking Mimesis: 1. Introduction 2. Realism Hysteria: Disruption in the Theater of Knowledge i) Doleful Referents ii) Fallen Women: Medical Melodrama iii) Translation and the Hypnoid State iv) Realism's Hysteria v) Hysteria's Realism Part Two Gestic Feminist Criticism: 3. Brechtian Theory/Feminist Theory 4. Gestus, Signature, Body in the Theater of Aphra Behn i) The Apparatus ii) The Wife Thing iii) Disguise and Desire iv) Passionate Address/Gestric Undress v) Allegories of Authority 5. Churchill's Plays: The Gestus of Invisibility 6. Mimesis and Identification: Kennedy's Theater i) Funnyhouse of a Negro, The Owl Answers ii) Movie Star iii) Alexander Plays iv) People Who Led to My Plays 7. Performance and Temporality: Feminist Performance Art


Elin Diamond is Associate Professor of English at Rutgers University. Editor of Performance and Cultural Politics (Routledge) and author of Pinter's Comic Play, Elin Diamond has also published widely in a variety of performance journals.


""Unmaking Mimesis is a powerful critical and symptomatic performance that reveals in all their complexity the most pressing and problematic issues for feminist performance, on the page and the stage, today."
-"PAJ, May 1999
..."although Diamond's writing style is dense and often complex, to do the work of reading her book is an intellectual challenge that will reward those who think about and make theater with and innovative set of ideas- a set of ideas to be mulled over, transformed, and, most importantly, used."
-"Theater Magazine, 1998
"A necessary guide to the critical space between women's performance and the misreadings of their representation. Read as critical theory, or as essays on women's contemporary and historical performances, this work is indispensable for the study of representations of gender..""
--Sue Ellen Case, University of California, Riverside
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