Nazism and German Society, 1933-1945

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Juni 2005



The fierce image of the Third Reich has been diffused during the past two decades as fresh research on the social history of the Nazi years has revealed the variety and complexity of the relationships between the Nazi regime and the German people.

"Nazism" "and German Society, 1933-1945" addresses issues such as racism and sexism, active participation, passive resistance and the far from clear-cut distinctions between victims and perpetrators. David Crew's introduction sets out the methodological and theoretical issues with great clarity.

Contributors: David Crew, Omer Bartov, Alf Ludtke, Gisela Bock, Adelheid von Saldern, Klaus-Michael Mallmann and Gerhard Paul, Ian Kershaw, Ulrich Herbert, Detlev J.K. Peukert, and Christopher R. Browning


"David Crew's selection is outstanding. He includes richly detailed and very nuanced articles as well as provocative think pieces painted in broad strokes...The book abounds in significant conflicts, contending voices, and a sense of scholarly responsibility."
-Rudy Koshar, University of Wisconsin
"An excellent introduction...The volume brings together some of the most interesting recent research on the Third Reich...It is an invitation to think critically about how to conceptualize the Third Reich...A valuable teaching tool."
-Robert Moeller, The Woodrow Wilson International Center
"Organized around a clear theme, with quality essays, this volume embodies what a collection of essays should do: offer new insights, force the reader to think critically about his or her conceptions, and allow for a comprehensive look at a particular subject."
-"German Studies Review
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