Telling Sexual Stories: Power, Change and Social Worlds

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Dezember 1994



The world has become cluttered with sexual stories. From child abuse scandals to lesbians and gays coming out; from Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas to the "travails" of Michael Jackson; from sexual surveys to therapy groups--sexual talk has become more and more evident. "Telling Sexual Stories" explores the rites of a sexual storytelling culture. Taking three major examples--rape stories, coming-out stories, recovery stories--it examines the nature of these newly emerging narratives and the socio-historical conditions which give rise to them. It looks at the rise of the women's movement, the lesbian and gay movement and the "recovery" movement as harbingers of significant social change that encourage the telling of new stories. In a powerful concluding section the book turns out to the wider concern of how story telling may be changing in a postmodern culture and how central such storytelling may be in the creation of a participatory democratic political culture. "Telling Sexual Stories" illustrates how "the narrative turn" of cultural studies may be taken up within sociology. It suggests that a sociology of stories asks different questions about stories to those posed within cultural studies. The fascination with texts--with narrative structure, genre and metaphor--is now supplemented with questions around the social and political role that stories play; with the social processes through which they are constructed and consumed; with the political changes that stories may encourage. This book is a major contribution to our understanding of sexuality and cultures of intimacy.


Preface Part I: Entering the Story Zone 1. Prologue: the Culture of Sexual Story Telling 2. An Invitation to a Sociology of Stories 3. Making Sexual Stories Coming Out Everywhere: Modernist Stories of Desire, Danger and Recovery 4. Coming Out, Breaking the Silence and Recovering: Introducing Some Modernist Tales 5. Women's Culture and Rape Stories 6. The Modernisation of Gay and Lesbian Stories 7. Recovery Tales Sexual Stories at Century's End 8. The Tale and Its Time 9. The Shifting Sexual Stories of Late Modernity 10. Intimate Citizenship: the Politics of Sexual Story Telling 11. Epilogue: Beyond Stories: the Pragmatics of Story Telling Bibliography


..."this book offers a rich synthesis of narrative theory, cultural studies, and symbolic interactionism, all in service of understanding the centrality of storytelling to identity and community.."
-Journal of the History of Sexuality
..."focused, wide-ranging, and well-reasearched.... One of the most instruguing and useful dimensions of Plummer's analysis is the attention to the raw personal, political, and communal resources that are used in these story constructions."
-"Contemporary Sociology
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