The Future of Anthropological Knowledge

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The Future of Anthropological Knowledge the chapters explore the question of the nature of social knowledge from a variety of perspectives and locations such as China, Africa, the USA and elsewhere. By examining the changing nature of anthropological knowledge and of the production of that knowledge, this book challenges the notion that only western societies have produced social theories of modernity and of global scope. Knowledge of society can no longer be restricted to a knowledge of face-to-face social relations but must encompass the effect of technology, global consumption patterns and changing geo-political configurations. The Future of Anthropological Knowledge will be of interest to anthropologists and students of culture and society.


1 The Changing Nature of Anthropological Knowledge: An Introduction, Henrietta Moore 2 Interpreting Electron Micrographs, Emily Martin 3 Globalization and Localization: New Challenges to Rural Research 4 Anthropology, China, and the Modernities: The Geopolitics of Cultural Knowledge, Aihwa Ong 5 Traceling Theory, Anthropology, and the Discourse of Modernity in China, Mayfair Yang 6 Anthropology without Tears: How a 'Local' Sees the 'Local' and the 'Global', Wazir Jahan Karim 7 Chimpanzees, Diamonds and war: Debating Local-Global Interaction on the Liberia-Sierra Leone Border, Paul Richards Afterwards, Peter Harries-Jones
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