International Economy Since 1945

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In "The International Economy Since 1945," Sidney Pollard describes the most important global developments in economics during the last half century. Pollard analyzes institutional issues, such a monetary policy or the multinational company, as well as world-wide issues. He discusses the threat to the environment caused by economic change; advances in technology as they relate to growth; fluctuations in standards of living in all parts of the world; reactions of other nations to the plight of the Third World countries; and the impact of World War II on the global economy.


1. Introduction: The World Economy after the War, 1945-50 Part 1 2. Production and Productivity 3. Trade and Finance 4. The Changing Geography of Economic Activity 5. Standards of Living Part II 6. Global Economic Policies 7. Regional Policies 8. Coping with Boom and Depression
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