Worlding Women: A Feminist International Politics

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September 1996



In Worlding Women Jan Jindy Pettman asks 'Where are the women in international relations'? She develops a broad picture of women in colonial and post-colonial relations; racialized, ethnic and national identity conflicts; in wars, liberation movements and peace movements; and in the international political economy.Bringing contemporary feminist theory together with women's experiences of the international', Pettman shows how mainstream international relations is based on certain constructions of masculinity and femininity. Her ground-breaking analysis has implications for feminist politics as well as for the study of international relations.


Summary of Contents: Part 1: The Gendered Politics of Identities 4 chapters discuss women, gender and the state, colonisation, racism, nationalisms, and postmigratory/postcolonial identities Part 2: The Gendered Politics of Peace and War 3 chapters discuss men, masculinities and war; women, peace and war Part 3: The International Sexual Division of Labour (2 chapters)


'Pettman's book is an comprehensive, insightful, humane survey of the field that should be IR; there is no better place to start as a student.' Chilla Bulbeck, University of Adelaide
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