Morality and Health

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From the castigation and stigmatization of victims of AIDS to our celebration of diet, exercise and fitness, the moral categorization of health and disease reflects contemporary notions that disease results from moral failure and that health is the representation of moral triumph. Ranging across academic disciplines and historical time periods, the essays in Morality and Health offer a compelling assessment of the powerful role of moral systems for judging the complex questions of risk and responsibility for disease, the experience of illness, and social and cultural responses to those who are sick. Contributors include Keith Thomas, Charles Rosenberg, Richard Shweder, Arthur Kleinman, David Mechanic, Nancy Tomes and Linda Gordon.


Allan M. Brandt and Paul Rozin PERSPECTIVES ON MORALITY AND HEALTH Keith Thomas - Health and Morality in Early Modern England Charles Rosenberg - Banishing Risk: Continuity and Change in the Moral Management of Disease Allan M. Brandt - Behavior, Disease, and Health in the Twentieth-Century United States: The Moral Valence of Individual Risk David Mechanic - The Social Context of Health and Disease and Choices MORALITY AND CULTURE Arthur Kleinman and Joan Kleinman - Moral Transformations of Health and Suffering in Chinese Society Richard A. Shweder, Nancy C. Much, Manamohan Mahapatra, and Lawrence Park - The "Big Three" of Morality (Autonomy, Community, Divinity) and the "Big Three" Explanations of Suffering MORALITY AND BEHAVIOR IN HISTORICAL CONTEXT Sidney Mintz - Sugar and Morality Warren Belasco - Food, Morality, and Social Reform Joseph R. Gusfield - Alcohol in America: The Entangled Frames of Health and Morality David T. Courtwright - Morality, Religion and Drug Use Linda Gordon - Teenage Pregnancy and Out-of-Wedlock Birth: Morals, Moralism, Experts Nancy Tomes - Moralizing the Microbe: The Germ Theory and the Moral Construction of Behavior in the Late Nineteenth-Century Antituberculosis Movement CONTEMOPORARY PERSPECTIVES ON MORALITY AND HEALTH Solomon Katz - Secular Morality Lawrence Gostin - The Legal Regulation of Smoking (and Smokers): Public Health or Secular Morality? Howard M. Leichter - Lifestyle Correctness and the New Secular Morality Paul Rozin - Moralization


Paul Rozin is Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. Allan Brandt is Kass Professor of the History of Medicine at Harvard University Medical School and the author of No Magic Bullet.


"This collection is as timely as it is astute and penetrating. Crossing disciplinary boundaries with depth and grace, the authors chronicle the pervasive moralizing of illness and dysfunction in our times.."
-Sue E. Estroff, Professor of Social Medicine, Anthropology and Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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