Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

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Januar 1993



This comprehensive book was specifically written to bridge the gap between modeling and manufacturing systems. It gives readers a broad understanding of the integral role of operations research models in the design and operation of manufacturing systems. Modeling techniques of real manufacturing systems including quantitative analysis are covered in complete detail, as well as recent developments in the field, such as flexible manufacturing systems and cellular manufacturing. Other features of this outstanding new book: Unique in its focus on design and analysis techniques for all areas of material flow management and system resource usage in manufacturing systems (throughout).Broad range of topics allows flexibility in course design to meet individual program needs.Abundance of problem material and worked-out examples gives instructors many options in formulating assignments.Uses progressive examples of a single manufacturing environment to illustrate that there is more than one model for a system depending on the decision question (Chs. 2, 6, and 13).Teaches the " art" of modeling manufacturing systems through a variety of modeling techniques and examples. Each chapter describes the environment and important issues before delving into modeling aspect.Unique chapter on case studies asks the students to synthesize and apply the skills they’ ve acquired (Ch. 13).Material flow is covered in detail and forms a central theme to allow for full coverage of manufacturing systems and analytical modeling (Chs. 9 & 10).Application of simulation to manufacturing, shows the importance of assessing performance after the design is completed (Ch.12).


MANUFACTURING SYSTEMS AND MODELS. Manufacturing Models. MATERIAL FLOW SYSTEMS. Assembly Lines: Reliable Serial Systems. Transfer Lines and General Serial Systems. Shop Scheduling with Many Products. Flexible Manufacturing Systems. Group Technology. Facility Layout. SUPPORTING COMPONENTS. Machine Setup and Operation Sequencing. Material Handling Systems. Warehousing: Storage and Retrieval Systems. GENERIC MODELING APPROACHES. General Manufacturing Systems: Analytic Queueing Models. General Manufacturing Systems: Empirical Simulation Models. Case Studies. Appendix. Index.
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