Mundo Unido, Repaso y Conversaci?n

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A Complete Learning-Program for Intermediate Spanish Wiley is proud to present a flexible new Intermediate Spanish series that makes learning fun! Two texts combined with a workbook and a complete audio program immerse students in the language via real-life vignettes, media, and photos! All components of the program are closely coordinated to reinforce key grammatical and vocabulary points. Mundo Unido: Repaso y conversació n Marí a Canteli Dominicis, St. John' s University 58485-1 Reinforcing all four skills, the grammar review features clear explanations and numerous realia-based exercises. The exercises promote an active use of the language with many pair and group and self-expression activities.Turns grammar review into a fun, culturally enriching experience by placing it in a realistic meaningful context. This is achieved through the inclusion of brief readings, lots of realia and photos, and profiles of famous Hispanics.Crystal clear grammatical explanations are immediately applied in dialogues and prose. English is used to help clarify more difficult points. Directions and the exercises themselves are given in Spanish.Unique escenas illustrate vocabulary and provide a springboard for conversations and activities.Contemporary readings open each chapter to introduce the theme and provide contextualized vocabulary.Mundo Unido: Lectura y escritura Robert L. Nicholas, University of Wisconsin-Madison 58484-3 Thematically and lexically tied to the accompanying grammar book, the reader focuses on Hispanic life in the 90' s. Grammar capsules and numerous realia-based exercises reinforce all four language skills.A wide selection of short andlong readings includes both cultural and literary selections with the majority reflecting Hispanic life in the 90' s. Some of the authors featured include Isabel Allende, Octavio Paz, Carmen Martí n Gaite, and Gloria Fuertes.A great smorgasbord of realia-based ex


I: La Escuela Y El Hogar Entre Estudiantes La Familia La Casa Vida Domestica Unidad
II: Vida De Ciudad Y Vida De Campo La Ciudad Maneras De Vestir Que Aproveche! Vamos Al Campo! Unidad
III: Trabajo Y Diversiones Hay Que Ganarse La Vida Los Deportes Los Espectaculos Viajando Por El Mundo Hispanico
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