Doing Social Psychology: Laboratory and Field Exercises

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Februar 2002



This collection of classroom-tested laboratory and field exercises engages students and their instructors in a thorough exploration of current central problems and topics in social psychology. The book is divided into three sections: technique demonstrations, technique applications, and problem investigations. Each section includes exercises on topics such as questionnaire design, interviewing, speech style, the observation of children, eyewitness testimony, and cooperation and competition. Students are provided with the necessary background knowledge of each social phenomenon investigated to make their research effort involving and meaningful. An instructor's manual accompanies the book and provides the supplementary information instructors need to organize the exercises for their students.


Preface; Part I. Technique Demonstrations: 1. Questionnaire design Robert Slater; 2. Personnel interviewing: a mini-training program Mike Smith; 3. Attitude measurement Bram Oppenheim; 4. Social interaction: an observational analysis Hugh Foot; 5. Ethogenic methods: an empirical psychology of action Rom Harre; Part II. Technique Applications: 6. Speech style and employment selection: the matched guise technique Peter Ball and Howard Giles; 7. Recreational use of the street by boys and girls: an observational study Antony J. Chapman and Frances M. Wade; 8. Social skills training Paul Robinson and Peter Trower; 9. Person perception Mark Cook; 10. Social dimensions of industrial bargaining Geoffrey M. Stephenson and Maryon Tysoe; Part III. Problem Investigations: 11. Eyewitness acuracy Ray Bull; 12. Attribution processes Mansur Lalljee; 13. An aspect of prejudice Glynis M. Breakwell; 14. Crowd panic: competing and cooperating in groups Robin Gilmour; 15. Norms and roles in the small group Peter B. Smith; Index.
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