A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics: 2

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August 1991



A textbook covering the theory and physical applications of linear algebra and the calculus of several variables.


1. The theory of electric networks; 2. The method of orthogonal projection; 3. Higher-dimensional complexes; 4. Complexes situated in Rn; 5. Electrostatics in R3; 6. Currents, flows and magnetostatics; 7. The star operator; 8. Maxwell's equations; 9. Complex analysis; 10. Asymptotic analysis; Index.


'... a very well readable and highly recommendable addition to the existing courses in mathematics for students of physics.' Zentralblatt fur Mathematik und Ihre Grenzgebiete '... there is to my knowledge no comparable book, and it is hard to imagine a more inspiring one.' Times Higher Education Supplement '... this book will serve as a fundamental text not only for students in physics, but also for students in mathematics interested in the most evident applications of mathematical definitions, results and theories.' Padiatre and Padalogie 'Not only is the mathematics clean, elegant, andmodern, but the presentation is humane, especially for a mathematics text. Examples are provided before generalisation, and motivation and applications are kept firmly in view ... This is first rate!' American Journal of Physics
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