On the History of Modern Philosophy

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November 2002



F. W. J. Schelling's On the History of Modern Philosophy surveys philosophy from Descartes to German Idealism and shows why the Idealist project is ultimately doomed to failure.


Translator's preface; Acknowledgements; Translator's introduction; Part I. On the History of Modern Philosophy: Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, and Wolff; Kant, Fichte and the System of Transcendental Idealism; The philosophy of nature; Hegel; Jacobi and theosophy; On national differences in philosophy; Index.


"...an excellent translation of Frederick von Schelling's lectures on the history of modern philosophy...Schelling's lectures will be of particular interest to historians of nineteenth century philosophy, intellectual historians, and anyone teaching upper-level undergraduate or graduate courses in nineteenth century philosophy...a very welcome addition to the growing volume of German philosophy in translation." European Studies Journal "...a challenging attempt to comprehend modern philosophy, and an intriguing glimpse into the work of a philosopher whose later development as a thinker has evaded translation into English. Bowie's careful and literal-minded treatment of Schelling's thought and difficult prose style should serve as a spur (and as a model) for future Schelling translations." Peter Simpson, Review of Metaphysics
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