World of Ancient Israel: Sociological, Anthropological and Political Perspectives

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November 1991



This volume brings together work by scholars of international repute in order to explore fundamental questions about the kind of society we see reflected in the Bible. By adopting a cross-disciplinary approach, the various contributors recognise the valuable insights that can be gained when the social sciences are allowed to cross-fertilise with theology.


Preface; Contributors; Abbreviations; Part I. Introductory Perspectives: 1. Israel in its historical and cultural setting R. E. Clements; 2. Anthropology and the Old Testament J. W. Rogerson; 3. Sociology and the Old Testament A. D. H. Mayes; Part II. Israel: 4. Agriculture and patterns of settlement F. S. Frick; 5. Israel as a tribal society J. D. Martin; 6. Israelite kinship: the royal ideology and its opponents K. W. Whitelam; 7. The concept of Israel in transition H. G. M. Williamson; 8. The origins of the Jewish diaspora R. J. Coggins; Part III. Fundamental Institutions: 9. Ideas of law and legal administration: a semiotic approach B. S. Jackson; 10. Prophecy and society R. P. Carroll; 11. The social world of the Apocalyptic writers R. N. Whybray; 12. The social world of the Apocalyptic writings P. R. Davies; Part IV. Ideas and Ideals: 13. Holiness and cult P. J. Budd; 14. The concept of Holy War G. H. Jones; 15. Covenant ideology in ancient Israel R. Davidson; 16. Land, its rights and privileges E. W. Davies; 17. Women in ancient Israel G. I. Emmerson; 18. Life and death in the Old Testament M. A. Knibb.


'An excellent collection of essays, reflecting a variety of methodological positions with regard to the interdisciplinary study of the Old Testement.' Theological Book Review
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