The Language and Logic of the Bible: The Earlier Middle Ages

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Oktober 1991



Learning in the Middle Ages had the purpose of making it possible to understand the Bible better. This study looks at the assumptions within which Western Bible students from Augustine through the 12th century approached their reading and developed more refined critical methods.


Preface; Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; List of ancient and mediaeval sources; Biographical notes; Introduction; Part I. The Background: 1. The monastic way; 2. Bible study in the schools; 3. A standard commentary: the Glossa Ordinaria; Part II. Lectio: Surface and Depths: 4. Words and things and numbers; 5. The historical sense and history; 6. Exegesis and the theory of signification; 7. Transference of meaning; Part III. Disputatio: 8. Questions; 9. Contradictory authorities; 10. A new approach to resolving contradictions; Conclusion; Notes; Select bibliography; Index.


'Many people will certainly be delighted, as I was, to read such clever and sympathetic pages about Rupert of Deutz, Abelard, Peter of Chanter, and of course (as Dr Evans is one of his most affectionate scholars) Anselm of Canterbury.' New Blackfrairs 'The presuppositions, methods and habits of Latin writers of the eleventh and twelfth centuries are learnedly examined and lucidly expounded, with a glance back to Augustine and Gregory ... The interplay of philosophy and tradition with sacred text makes fascinating reading.' Society for Old Testament Study Booklist 'Constant allusions to particular persons at concrete moments keep the narrative down to earth and unremote ... individuals are not subsumed beneath grand general categories ... The story is rather traced honestly, receptively, and flexibly from the works, practices, and life-histories of recognizable persons.' Journal of Theological Studies
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