The Cambridge History of American Literature, Volume 8: Poetry and Criticism, 1940-1995

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This book addresses the broad spectrum of new and established directions in all branches of American writing and will include the work of scholars and critics who have shaped, and who continue to shape, what has become a major area of literary scholarship.


Part I. Poetry, Politics, and Intellectuals Robert Von Hallberg: 1. The place of poetry in the Culture, 1945-1950; 2. Politics; 3. Rear-guards; 4. Avant-gardes; 5. Authenticity; 6. Translation; Conclusion: the place of poets 1995; Appendix I: Biographies of Poets; Part II. Criticism Since 1940 Evan Carton and Gerald Graff: Introduction; 1. Politics and American criticism; 2. The emergence of academic criticism; 3. The nationalising of the new criticism; 4. The canon, the academy, and gender; 5. Deconstruction and post-structuralism; 6. From textuality to materiality; 7. Cultural and historical studies; Conclusion: academic criticism and its discontents; Appendix II: Biographies of critics; Chronology 1940-1945; Bibliography.


'... this is, without doubt and without any serious rival, the scholarly history for our generation.' Journal of American Studies '... vast and eminently readable survey of twentieth century American literature ...'. Use of English
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