Citizenship, Identity, and Social History

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April 2005



This book is comprised of eight authors. The authors write on critical topics including: Citizenship, Identity and Social History; (The Siamese Twins) Citizenship Rights, Cleavage Formation, and Party-Union Relations in Western Europe; and more.


1. Citizenship, identity, and social history Charles Tilly; 2. 'The Great End of All Government...': working peoples' construction of citizenship claims in early nineteenth century England and the matter of class Marc Steinberg; 3. The siamese twins: citizenship rights, cleavage formation, and party-union relations in Western Europe Bernhard Ebbinghaus; 4. Politics, industrialization, and citizenship: unemployment policy in England, France, and the United States, 1890-1950 Miriam Cohen; 5. Projecting democracy: the formation of citizenship across youth networks in Brazil Ann Mische; 6. Contested citizenship: the dynamics of racial identity and social movements Anthony Marx; 6. Nationhood and citizenship in early Meiji Japan 1868-1900: a comparative assessment Eiko Ikegami; 7. The emergence of citizenship in France and elsewhere Charles Tilly.
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