The Return of George Sutherland: Restoring a Jurisprudence of Natural Rights

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April 1997



From Amherst College, Hadley Arkes seeks to restore, for a new generation, the jurisprudence of the late Justice of the Supreme Court George Sutherlandone anchored in the understanding of natural rights. Arkes argues that if both liberals and conservatives would study the writings of George Sutherland, with unclouded eyes, both groups would set aside their differences and return to the moral ground of their jurisprudence.




Ch. I The Figure in the Carpet 3

Ch. II From the Frontier to the Court: The Shaping of a Mind 39

Ch. III A Jurisprudence of Natural Rights 51

Ch. IV The Heavenly World of the New Deal Lawyers 83

Ch. V The Puzzle of the Commerce Clause 119

Ch. VI Undoing the Discipline of the Constitution: Delegations of Authority and Independent Counsels 159

Ch. VII "In This Vast External Realm ... ": The Imperatives of Foreign Policy and the Dissolving of the Constitution 196

Ch. VIII Sutherland and the Mysteries of the Law 242

Index 293


Arkes's work is a welcome addition to this emerging body of constitutional thought. If given the attention it deserves, it may well fulfill both objectives embodied in its title.
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