Rethinking the Subject: An Anthology of Contemporary European Social Thought

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Januar 1995



"Since the early 1970s, European thinkers have departed notably from their predecessors in order to pursue analytical programs more thoroughly their own. Rethinking the Subject brings together in one v"


* Foreword, Paul Rabinow Cultured Bodies * Structures, Habitus, Practices Pierre Bourdieu * Gender and Identity in the New Guinea Highlands Marilyn Strathern * Discipline Michael Foucault Matters and Ideas * Politics Unbound Alessandro Pizzorno * Progress Exposed as Fate? Hans Blumenberg * Modernity and the Planes of Historicity Reinhart Koselleck * The Totalitarian Disease Louis Dumont * Individualism and the Ideology of Romantic Love Alan Macfarlane * The Contemporary Codification of Intimacy Niklas Luhmann Acts and Reasons * Communicative Versus Subject-Centered Reason Jurgen Habermas * The Contemporary Pragmatics of Scientific Knowledge Jean-Franois Lyotard Economies and Societies * Post-Industrial Classes Alain Touraine * On Consumer Society Jean Baudrillard


James D. Faubion is a professor in the department of anthropology at Rice University . James D. Faubion is a professor in the department of anthropology at Rice University.
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