Manual of Nail Disease and Sur

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September 1997



This book is intended as a concise and practical guide to the treatment of nail problems through medical and surgical means. It is aimed at the general practitioner, dermatologist and podiatrist. The emphasis throughout is on practical procedures that are relatively simple, although some procedures are more complicated and require the additional advice of a tutor. For those wishing only a concise overview of the principal practical aspects of nail disease, there is no similar book available that digests the relevant practical points from larger works. After an introductory chapter on anatomy and physiology of the nail unit, the book then describes infections of the nails, signs of systemic disease manifesting in the nails, dermatological diseases of the nails, occupational nail disorders, cosmetology and nail tumours. Finally, a detailed section on 19 practical procedures are described step-by-step.


Preface; 1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Nail Apparatus; 2. Nail Unit Infections; 3. Nail Signs and Systemic Disease; 4. The Nail in Dermatological Diseases; 5. Occupational Nail Disorders; 6. Nail Cosmetology; 7. Nail Unit Tumours and Surgery; Index
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