Encyclopedia of Adult Development

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Robert Kastenbaum, creator of the award-winning Encyclopedia of Death, has now collected and edited a source of reliable information on adult development that is accessible to the general reader, useable by professionals, and perfect for those who are simply browsing. This work is a fascinating and highly informative look at the milestones and ordeals, the key issues, and the concerns of American adults. The book expands our understanding of adulthood through 105 articles written by more than 70 contributing specialists from the fields of psychology, anthropology, religion, and sociology.


.,."such a massive - and massively excellent - book that it is impossible to do it justice in such a brief review....Every chapter is high-quality scholarship and worthy of praise, but one of the best features of the book is that Kastenbaum himself has authored 20% of the entries. If you have read his work before, you will know that he is a committed life span developmentalist with a knack for linking theory and everyday life. His writing has an ineffable quality that combines science, poetry, common sense, and subtle humor."-Wilson Library Bulletin
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