Competitors in Alliance: Industry Associations, Global Rivalries and Business-Government Relations

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April 1995



The author compares U.S. industry associations to those in Germany and Japan in two ways. First, he looks at their past legacies and present mandates; then, with special emphasis on America's major high-tech industries, he analyzes their organization and operation. After a general overview of the past, present, and foreseeable future of associations, and a detailed study of those in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, he turns to specific industries - aerospace, biotechnology, semiconductors, and computer systems - and their trade associations, defining and comparing the characteristics of each. Part IV of the book digs into the ways in which associations fail, as well as succeed, in the mission demanded of them today. From this analysis and the author's extensive experience as a corporation and association executive, emerge a series of recommendations for redefining the associations' mission in today's global economy, and a blueprint for achieving these goals.


Part 1 Introduction: Association Foundations - Past, Present, Future. Part 2 Legacies of the Past and Present: Japan; the United States; Germany; the Leaders. Part 3 High-Tech Industries and Their Trade Associations: Introduction; the Aerospace Industries and Their Assocation; the Biotechnology Industry and its Trade Organisations; the Semiconductor Industry and its Assocation; the Computer Systems Industry and its Associations; Characteristics of American High-Tech Trade Assocations. Part 4 Designing American Associations for Global Competition: the Approach to a New Design; American Competitiveness and the Intermediate Sector; Forming and Focusing the Primary Association; Alliances and Consortia; Operating the Primary Associations; Designing the Association.


.,."An excellent job of explaining the historical origins and growth of industry associations in leading organizations, and your arguments for their contributions to enhanced global competitiveness are very persuasive. It is a very well-written, substantive book."-John F. Steiner Professor of Management California State University, Los Angeles
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