Agriculture and the State Market Processes and Bureaucracy

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August 1993



This book analyzes the effects of farm policies and shows how they are responsible for the high and rising cost of food and the ruin of the small farmer.


"The time has come for Pasour's easy-to-read book on the economics and politics of agriculture." -- Theodore W. Schultz, late Nobel Laureate in Economic Science, University of Chicago. "The book will make an excellent textbook for agricultural economics and should be required reading for all social science majors." -- Clifton B. Luttrell, Editor Emeritus, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review. "This skillful, readable and comprehensive book is an unapologetic, well-written argument to limit government in all aspects of agriculture." -- American Journal of Agriculture Economics. "Comprehensive in its coverage and rich in descriptive detail. One can learn a great deal from Agriculture and the State." -- B. Delworth Gardnet, professor of economics, Brigham Young University. "Agriculture and the State is informative and provocative. Pasour cuts through the complexity of U.S. farm policy." -- Lee J. Alston, professor of economics, University of Illinois.
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