Florida Land Boom: Speculation, Money, and the Banks

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November 1995



The Florida land boom was an outgrowth of the industrialization of America, the onset of World War I, and the special natural environment of the state. A place for forts and ports since the days of the Spanish Empire, the presence of military aviation in Florida served to bring attention to the state. Florida came to attract tourists, winter residents, as well as promoters, developers, and speculators. Rich in documentation and illustrated with photographs, this work is an effort to give serious theoretical and factual treatment to one of the great speculation booms in history.


La Florida; The Infrastructure and the Tourist/Winter-Home Clientele; Banking, Money and Credit, and the Monuments; Value, Promotions, and Speculation; The Turning Point, Countervailing Publicity, and Boca Raton; Elsewhere; The du Pont/Ball Connection, Panic and the Banks.
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