Motor Control Electronics Handbook

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This is a clear, up-to-the-minute guide to controlling all types of motors-with precise, adaptable intelligence. Featuring the latest in electronics technology, this expert-written guide gives you everything from the fundamentals to cutting-edge design tips, including real-life examples with software code. With this insider's guide to electronic control technology, you'll be ready to make motors work better now and into the future.


Part I: Introduction. Motor Control: Driving Forces and Evolving Technologies.
Part II: Motor Speed Controls. Motor Control Attributes.DC Motor Control Designs. Automotive Motor Controls. Appliance Motor Controls. Electric Car Drives.
Part III: Digital Controls. Motor DriveElectrical Noise Management. AC Induction Motor Control. Deadtime Distortion Correction. Motor Control MCUs and Development Tools.Networking for Motor Control Systems. MCU Motor Control Reliability.
Part IV: Motor Control Electronic Devices. Power Semiconductors forMotor Drives. Power Modules for Motor Control Applications. Motor Electronics Thermal Management. Motor Control Sensors.
Part V: Diagnostics for Motor Controls. Electronic Motor Control Testing and Instrumentation.
Part VI: Futuristic Motor Control. Future Motor Control Electronics. Appendices:
A: Switching Power Loss.
B: Wire Inductance.
C: Motor Control Semiconductors.
D: Motor Control Standards.
E: Electrical Vehicle AC Induction Motor Program.
F: Space Vector Modulation Routine, MC68HCO8MP16.
G: Brush DC Motor Program, MC68HC05MC4.
H: Brushless DC Motor Program, MC68HC05MC4.
I: Three-Phase AC Motor Program, MC68HC08MP16.


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