Preventing Substance Abuse

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Preventing Substance Abuse is an informal guide to successful programs for treating specific substance abuse problems, identifying their origins, implementation, outcomes, and, where possible, contacts for obtaining additional information. The emphasis is on information documented from outcomes of successful interventions rather than on theories of what should work or what works under experimental conditions. Key features include easy-to-follow charts and graphs and an appendix summarizing the National Structured Evaluation (mandated by Congress) of substance abuse prevention.


A Problem/Solution Approach to Substance Abuse. Problem: Preventing DrugExposed Newborns. Problem: Prevention among Families in Trouble. Problem: Prevention among Young Children. Problem: Preparing the Ground for Prevention in Early Adolescence. Problem: Preventing Drug Use in Secondary School. Problem: Intervening with Teenagers at Highest Risk of Addiction. Problem: Preventing Substance Abuse among Employees and Retirees. Problem: Reducing the Costs of Alcohol Use. Problem: Organizing the Community for Prevention. A Short 'To Do' List for Drug Abuse Prevention. What Doesn't Work: Four Mistakes Preventionists Make. Appendix: The National Structured Evaluation on Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Index.


Gary Hill wurde 1951 im kalifornischen Santa Monica geboren. Kurzes Studium an der Art Student's League in Woodstock an der Ostküste der USA und von 1974 bis 1976 Arbeit bei Woodstock Community Video. Seit 1985 lebt Hill in Seattle, wo er am dortigen Cornish College of the Arts ein Studienprogramm für das Fach Video entwickelt hat.


`Highly recommended for individuals seeking direction for AOD abuse prevention program development in their communities....For new researchers or students of prevention, this book outlines a great variety of issues that are good to know about...It also provides good building material for designing future studies.'
Journal of Studies on Alcohol, January 1998
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