Single Event Phenomena

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Juni 1997



This monograph is written for neophytes, students, and practitioners to aid in their understanding of single event phenomena. It attempts to collect the highlights as well as many of the more detailed aspects of this field into an entity that portrays the theoretical as well as the practical applications of this subject. Those who claim that "theory" is not for them can skip over the earlier chapters dealing with the fundamental and theoretical portions and find what they need in the way of hands-on guidelines and pertinent formulas in the later chapters. Perhaps, after a time they will return to peruse the earlier chapters for a more complete rendition and appreciation of the subject matter. It is felt that the reader should have some acquaintance with the electronics of semiconductors and devices, some broad atomic physics introduction, as well as a respectable level of mathematics through calculus, including simple differential equations. A large part of the preceding can be obtained informally, through job experience, self-study, evening classes, as well as from a formal college curriculum.


Preface. Introduction. Preliminaries. Extra-terrestrial SEU-
inducing particles. Particle penetration and energy deposition. Single
upset: experimental. Single event upset error rates. Single
phenomena I. Single event phenomena II. Single Event Upset
Appendix A- answers to problems. Index.
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