Nineteenth-Century Short Stories by Women

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An anthology of 28 lively and readable short stories--many unavailable since their first appearance--by 19th-century women writers. The collection is arranged chronologically, allowing readers to assess developments of short-story style and construction. Each story is prefaced with a brief biography of the author.


Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. The Limerick Gloves Maria Edgeworth 2. The Story of Sir Bertrand Anna L. Barbauld 3. Cousin Mary Mary Russell Mitford 4. The Three Damsels David Lynsay 4. Lady Evelyn Savile's Three Trials Catherine Gore 5. The Mortal Immortal Mary Shelley 6. Sefton Church Laetitia E. Landon 7. The Manchester Marriage Elizabeth Gaskell 8. Eveline's Visitant Mary Elizabeth Braddon 9. Sister Johanna's Story Amelia Edwards 10. The Mystery at Number Seven Ellen Wood 11. A Railway Journey Lady Margaret Majendie 12. The End of Her Journey Lucy Clifford 13. A Wicked Voice Vernon Lee 14. A Dream of Wild Bees Olive Schreiner 15. A Cross Line George Egerton 16. Urmi: The Story of A Queen Cornelia Sorabji 17. The Pleasure-Pilgrim Ella D'arcy 18. Suggestion Ada Leverson 19. A Correspondence Netta Syrett 20. A Knot of Ribbon Laurence Alma-Tadema 21. An Idyll in Millinery Menie Muriel Dowie 22. The Sweet o'the Year Ella Hepworth Dixon 23. Another Freak Mary Angela Dickens 24. The Other Anna Evelyn Sharp 25. Lucy Wren Ada Radford 26. Amor Vincit Omnia Flora Annie Steel 27. A Story of a Wedding Tour Margaret Oliphant References and Further Reading.


Harriet Devine Jump is Senior Lecturer in English at Edge Hill University College. Her recent publications include Mary Wollstonecraft: Writer (1994) and Women's Writing of the Romantic Period, 1789-1836 (1997). Women's Writing of the Victorian Period, 1837-1901 will be published in 1998.


"A fascinating read. Generously researched and encouragingly comprehensive, this collection looks at a key period in the development of the modern short story and highlights the role that women authors--many of them forgotten--played in the exploration of the form. The range of writers is impressive: gothic, romantic, fantastic, with remarkably modern, subversive voices breaking through."
-A. L. Kennedy
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