Cities on Rails: The Redevelopment of Railway Stations and Their Surroundings

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Oktober 1998



The development of railway stations and their surroundings is an emerging feature in current urban projects. Based on a series of the most inspiring contemporary European examples of station redevelopment, this book will help planners and urban designers understand the specific and complex nature of station locations. Based on their extensive research, the authors, pioneers of studies in the field in the last few years, harness and expand the body of knowledge and present guiding principles and conditions for successful implementation of such planning projects.


Preface. Railway Station Area Redevelopment in the Spotlight. The Railway Station as Node and Place. What Makes the 'Development Potential' of a Railway Station Location? How to Realize the Potential? Part 2: Cases. Euralille. Utrecht Centrum Project and the Zuidas. Stockholm City West. Basel Euroville and Zentrum Zurich Nord. King's Cross Railway Lands. Part 3: Conclusions. References.


..."the book is a quarry of information on, and a useful contribution to understanding, railway station redevelopment issues in Europe.."
-"Journal of Urban Design, 2001
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