Light Revealing Architecture

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"The extraordinary range of architecture (presented by Millet) coupled with the author's lucid presentation of light as a rich and evocative part of design is central to what architects do, or ought to. This book fills a vast need for the design profession." -- M. Susan Ubbelohde, University of California, Berkeley "Marietta Millet takes us through ancient and contemporary buildings in a manner knowing and gracious, with a combination of universal principles and local details that informs and delights. This book will be a splendid contribution to the literature on lighting." -- John S. Reynolds, University of Oregon Published By John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


Light Revealing Experience; Light Revealing Form; Light Revealing Space; Light Revealing Meaning; Index.


About the Author Marietta S. Millet is an associate professor of Architecture at the University of Washington in Seattle. She has lectured widely, has been a visiting professor at several schools, and has also held the Frederick Charles Baker Distinguished Chair in Lighting in the Department of Architecture at the University of Oregon. She is a partner in Loveland/Millet Lighting Consultants. Ms. Millet holds a Masters of Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has received numerous awards for her work.
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