Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture

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First English rendition of the classic defence of divine-right absolute monarchy in the French language.


Preface; Introduction; Chronology; Critical bibliography; A note on the text; Biographical synopses; Politics drawn from the very words of Holy Scripture; First Book. Of the Principles of Human Society; Second Book. On Authority: That the Royal and Hereditary [Type] is the Most Proper for Government; Third Book. In Which One Begins to Explain the Nature and the Properties of Royal Authority; Fourth Book. On the Characteristics of Royalty (Continuation); Fifth Book. Fourth and Final Characteristic of Royal Authority; Sixth Book. The Duties of Subjects Toward the Prince, Based on the Preceding Doctrine; Seventh Book. On the Particular Duties of Royalty; Eighth Book. The Particular Duties of Royalty, Continued: Of Justice; Ninth Book. The Supports of Royalty: Arms, Riches or Finances, and Councils; Tenth and Final Book. Continuation of Helps to Royalty: Riches or Finances, Counsel; The inconveniences and temptations which accompany royalty: and the remedies that one can bring to them.
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