New Directions in Solid State Chemistry

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August 2004



New edition of this widely praised textbook for advanced students and researchers studying solid state chemistry and materials science.


Preface to second edition; Preface to first edition; 1. Structure of solids - old and new facets; 2. New and improved methods of characterisation; 3. Preparative strategies; 4. Phase transitions; 5. New light on an old problem - defects and nonstoichiometry; 6. Structure-property relations; 7. Fashioning solids for specific purposes - aspects of materials design; 8. Reactivity of solids.


Review of the first edition: '... recommended reading for practitioners of Solid State Chemistry ... It will be a valuable reference work for solid state chemists, physicists and materials scientists because of its comprehensive coverage ...' Journal of Solid State Chemistry Review of the first edition: 'No serious student of solid state chemistry ... can afford to be without ready access to this book. It contributes to the stature and respectibility of the subject and will be a standard text for many years to come.' Chemistry in Britain Review of the first edition: '... a notable service to the field of solid state chemistry ... It will be of considerable use to all those working in this field.' Times Higher Education Supplement
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