Democratic Experiments in Africa: Regime Transitions in Comparative Perspective

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This study constitutes the first comprehensive analysis of democratic transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Introduction; 1. Approaches to democratization; 2. Neopatrimonial rule in Africa; 3. Africa's divergent transitions, 1990-1994; 4. Explaining political protest; 5. Explaining political liberalization; 6. Explaining democratic transitions; 7. The prospects for democracy; Conclusion: comparative implications.


'Bratton and van de Walle present the most systematic attempt yet undertaken to analyse political change in Africa during the 1990s from a comparative politics perspective ... This thought-provoking book is undoubtedly a very significant contribution to the scholarly debate on the struggle for democracy in Africa. What the authors do they do extremely well ... [and] one of the greatest achievements of this book is to raise a whole series of important questions and hypotheses which can then be focused back into specific African states.' John A. Wiseman 'The authors set out clearly what they are seeking to achieve, and then pursue their objectives methodically with well-structured arguments and a wealth of statistics ... the book breaks new ground in the range of material it contains, and it will provide a starting point for many academic debates.' Commonwealth and Comparative Politics
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