Consumer Culture and Modernity

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aeo This is a comprehensive survey of theories of consumer culture, making it an ideal introduction to the field. aeo Slater presents consumer culture as part of a broader debate about the nature and development of modern societies, rather than just a contemporary or postmodern issue.


Introduction. 1. Consumer Culture and Modernity. 2. The Freedoms of the Market. 3. Consumption versus a Culturea . 4. The Culture of Commodities. 5. The Meanings of Things. 6. The Uses of Things. 7. New Times?. Afterword. Bibliography. Index.


"A book of unusual clarity combined with careful and considered assessment of the plethora of arguments that have arisen about the fundamental nature of consumption and modernity from the Enlightenment to the present day. This is the best synthesis of the literature on consumption that has yet been produced and an ideal textbook for anyone wishing to teach or to learn about the spectrum of theoretical approaches that have been developed to account for one of the key issues of our time." Daniel Miller, University College London "An ambitious and interesting review of consumer studies. Slater shows a real talent for exposition across a range of disciplines and approaches. There is much ground to cover and he does it admirably." Sociology
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