The British System of Government

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The tenth edition of this acclaimed text continues to provide a lively, comprehensive and up-to-date account of British political institutions, of the way in which they operate, and of the society in which they developed. It has been thoroughly revised and up-dated. It includes new sections on the following key areas: the monarchy and the House of Lords; the 1997 general election the transformation of the Labour party and the demise of the Tory's; the European Union; devolution; the judicial system; and Northern Ireland. This is an ideal introductory text for students of British politics, its institutions and the process of government.


Part 1 The social basis: British society and the British people. Part 2 The constitutional framework: the nature of the constitution; the development of liberal institutions; the survival of medieval institutions. Part 3 The actors and their roles: political parties; electors and voters; pressure groups; politicians and leaders; government and opposition; civil servants. Part 4 The process of government: administration and policy-making; parliament and the administration; changing the law; government at the local level; the European Community; conducting foreign policy. Part 5 The citizen and the government: citizens' rights and the law; problems of British government. Appendix: notes on the politics of Northern Ireland.
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