More Than Drumming: Essays on African and Afro-Latin American Music and Musicians

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Juli 1985



?This delightful collection of essays is one of a pair of books that grew out of a 1978 symposium on African and Afro-American music sponsored by the Center for Ethnic Music at Howard University. This particular volume includes ten essays on African, Black South American (specifically Brazilian), and Afro-Latin music cultures. Following two introductory essays on ethnomusicological concepts in general, there are six essays on various music cultures of West and Central Africa. Some of the essays focus on specific groups, such as Ewe (Ghana) and Igede (Nigeria). Others survey such topics as aesthetics, social aspects, ecstatic singing, and women's roles with respect to music. Much of the emphasis is on music in ritual contexts. The final two essays are on Afro-American music cultures, one on Yoruba religious songs in Brazil and one on drums and other instruments in Panama.?-Choice

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