Finite-State Language Processing

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Juni 1997



"Language, Speech, and Communication series"


Part 1 Introduction, Emmanual Roche and Yves Schabes: preliminaries; finite-state automata; finite-state transducers; bibliographical notes. Part 2 Finite-stage morphology - inflections and derivations in a single framework using dictionaries and rules, David Clemenceau: towards a structured dictionary; MORPHO - a morphological analyzer based on a dictionary and a two-level system; a single framework for inflections and derivations recognition and generation; conclusion. Part 3 Representations and finite-state components in natural language, Kimmo Koskenniemi: a framework, two-level morphology; finite-state syntactic grammar; experiences. Part 4 The replace operator, Lauri Karttunen: unconditional replacement; conditional replacement; comparisons; conclusion. Part 5 Finite-state approximation of phrase-structure grammars, Fernando C.N. Pereira and Rebecca N. Wright: motivation; the approximation method; formal properties; implementation and example; informal analysis; related work and conclusions. Part 6 The lexical analysis of natural languages, Max D. Silberztein: the lexical analysis of programming langauges and of natural languages; the units of analysis; the representation of simple words; representation of compound words; representation of the results of the analysis, elimination of ambiguities by local grammars; tagging programmes and lexical analysis; conclusion. Part 7 Deterministic part-of-speech tagging with finite-state transducers, Emmanuel Roche and Yves Schabes: overview of Brill's tagger; complexity of Brill's tagger; construction of the finite-state tagger; lexical tagger; tagging unknown words; empirical evaluation; finite-state transudcers; determinization; subsequentiality of transformation-based systems; implementation of finite-state transducers; conclusion. Part 8 Parsing with finite-state transducers, Emmanuel Roche: background; a top-down parser for context-free grammars; morphology; a parser for transformation grammars; finite-state acceleration; a transducer parser for tree-adjoining grammars; conclusion. Part 9 Designing a (finite-state) parsing grammar, Atro Voutilainen: framework; grammatical representation; sample rule; heuristic techniques; final remarks. Part 10 Applying a finite-state intersection grammar, Pasi Tapanainen: straight intersection; sequential methods; parallel intersection; hybrid intersection-search method; a small comparison; theoretical worst-case study; conclusion. Part 11 The construction of local grammars, Maurice Gross: linguistic modules; transformations; conclusion. Part 12 On the use of sequential transducers in natural language processing, Mehryar Mohri: definitions; characterization and extensions; phonology and morphology; representation of large dictionaries; syntax; speech processing; conclusion. (Part contents).


"Emmanuel Roche and Yves Schabes have put together a picture of thestate of the art in using finite-state techniques in computationallinguistics. The contributing authors comprise an impressivecollection--essentially the originating sources for much of theimportant recent work in this area." Philip Resnik, Assistant Professor, Department ofLinguistics and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies,University of Maryland at College Park
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