American Folklore

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Contains over 500 articles
Ranging over foodways and folksongs, quiltmaking and computer lore, Pecos Bill, Butch Cassidy, and Elvis sightings, more than 500 articles spotlight folk literature, music, and crafts; sports and holidays; tall tales and legendary figures; genres and forms; scholarly approaches and theories; regions and ethnic groups; performers and collectors; writers and scholars; religious beliefs and practices. The alphabetically arranged entries vary from concise definitions to detailed surveys, each accompanied by a brief, up-to-date bibliography.
Special features
*More than 2000 contributors
*Over 500 articles spotlight folk literature, music, crafts, and more
*Alphabetically arranged
*Entries accompanied by up-to-date bibliographies
*Edited by America's best-known folklore authority


Selected Entries: *Contemporary lore *Bigfoot *Gulf War *Nuclear lore *Rap *Gay and lesbian lore *Talking trash *Truckers' folklore *UFO lore *Semiotic approach Traditional areas *Johnny Appleseed *Monsters *Friday the 13th *Jersey Devil *Tooth fairy *Vampires *World War I and II *Witchcraft Ethnic *Baltic people in U.S. *Basque Americans *Corridos *Coyote *Dutch Americans *Gypsies *Korean Americans *Kwanzaa *Polish Americans Performers *Burl Ives *Blind Lemon Jefferson *Hudie Leadbelly Ledbetter *Memphis Minnie *Ma Rainey *Pete Seeger *Muddy Waters Scholars *Franz Boas *Joseph Campbell *Mary O. Eddy *Aurelio Macedonia Espinosa *Zora Neale Hurston *George Lyman Kittredge *Albert Bates Lord *Milman Parry *Charles M. Kinner


Jan Harold Brunvand, author of the standard text-book he Study of American Folklore, Third Edition (1986), is best known for his collections of urban legends, among them The Vanishing Hitchhiker (1981), he Choking Doberman (1984), and Curses' Broiled Again!(1989). He has been a syndicated columnist and has appeared on national television.


"American Folklore is the best encyclopedia of folklore and folklorists of the region."
-Literary Research Guide
"This fascinating new work really has no competition on the reference shelf and will be useful in high school, public, and academic libraries."
-Reference Books Bulletin/Booklist
"Packed with entries on folklorists, multiracial performers, crafts, music, and academic discussion, this comprehensive folklore encyclopedia is useful to most readers, and informative. Coverage is thorough. Above all, the encyclopedia is scholarly."
-ARBA, 1997
..."a useful contribution, which fills a real gap in the literature."
-The American Rationalist
"An excellent resource for the study of American folklore...this unique reference source is highly recommended for researchers as well as general readers with an interest in folklore studies."
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