Direct Broadcast Satellite Communications: An MPEG Enabled Service

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I. OVERVIEW. 1. History of Communication Satellites. Background. Arthur C Clarke's Vision. The Early Days of Satellite Communications. SYNCOM. The Early Commercial Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellites: INTELSAT I and II. The Evolution of Communication Satellites. The Hughes Direct Broadcast Satellites. Frequency Bands. Summary. 2. Regulatory Framework. The 1977 World Administrative Radio Council and 1983 Regional Administrative Radio Council. Federal Communications Commission Licensing. Recovery and Reallocation of Spectrum. 3. An Overview of the DBS Communication System. Overview. Multiple Access and Multiplexing. Transponder Power and Configuration. The Throughput. Overall Throughput. More Services per Orbital Slot. Link Analysis. Degradation Because of Rain. Energy Dispersal. II. THE KEY SUBSYSTEMS AND DESIGN DECISIONS. 4. Key Elements of the Radio Frequency Subsystem. Introduction. The Shaped Reflector Antenna. Modulation and Demodulation. The Low-Noise Block. Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier. 5. Forward Error Correction. What Is Error Correction? Types of Codes. Block Codes: Cyclic Codes. Reed-Solomon Codes. Interleaver. Convolutional Codes/Viterbi Decoding. Performance. 6. Conditional Access. Objectives of a CA System for DBS. Types of Attackers. Some Encryption Preliminaries. Mathematical Preliminaries. Cryptographic Algorithms. Generic CA System. III. MPEG INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. 7. MPEG 2 Systems. The Role of MPEG Systems. Transport Stream. Individual Stream Operations (PES Packet Layer). Program Specific Information. Adaptation Field. 8. MPEG 2 Video Compression. The Need for Video Compression. Profiles and Levels. Digital Video Primer. Structure of MPEG 2 Coded Video. Detailed MPEG 2 Coding of Pictures. The Video Decoding Process. Prediction Modes. 9. MPEG 1 Audio Compression. MPEG Audio Compression Overview. Description of the Coded Audio Bitstream. Detailed Encoder. The Audio Decoding Process. IV. GROUND SUBSYSTEMS. 10. DBS Uplink Facilities. Existing Uplink Facilities. Constituents of an Uplink Facility. Key Uplink Subsystems. Statistical Multiplexing. 11. Integrated Receiver Decoder. IRD Components. The IRD Architecture. Electronic Program Guide. Menu Selections. Multiple TV Sets. V. THE FUTURE. 12. Spaceway and the Global Broadcast Service. Spaceway Overview. Global Spaceway. The Global Broadcast Service. 13. Intelligent Compression: MPEG 4. Raster and Waveform Emulation versus Symbolic Compression. MPEG 4: The First Steps Toward Symbolic Compression. MPEG 4 Overview. Technical Description of the MPEG 4 Standard. Conclusion. Appendices. A. Performance Degradation Because of Rain. B. QPSK Modulation and Demodulation. C. Algebraic Preliminaries. D. BCH Code Details. E. Cyclical Redundancy Code. F. A5 Matrix. G. Operators, Mnemonics, Abbreviations. Glossary. Index.


Dr. Donald C. Mead, MSEE-Stanford University and PhD in EE/Communication Theory-UCLA, has been an innovator in digital compression, including its application to Direct Broadcast Satellite development, since the inception of DBS systems. As head of Hughes Aircraft's MPEG delegation, Dr. Mead was the driving force supporting the concept and launch of DIRECTV(TM). He is now vice president of technology at Global Digital Satellite Systems. 0201695820AB04062001
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